Affordable. Creative. Hard-Working.


I take pride in my work. What started as a hobby quickly developed into a 'side-career'. I honestly love designing, developing and adventure. So much of this progress has been because of experimentation. I have an aggressive, in-your-face attitude to designing. I want people to view the work in a clean and modern fashion without loosing the catchyness.

Right now we're creating Graphics, Forum and Web Designs for Gamers, Clans and Teams on RuneScape, League of Legends, Private Servers, Organisations and Communities.

Enough words, lets explore.







The Skills

We've developed a large skill-set in various areas for several years now. Whatever you need, we can provide. If you are looking for work outside of these skills set please let us know. We might be able to provide you with alternative services or contacts.

Selected Portfolio

We pride this section with the beautiful works we've committed to over the years for a first preview of our capabilities.

Some of these images have been optimized for performance so the quality may appear reduced.

Eruption Of Pures OSRS Pure Clan
Doom OSRS Pure Clan
Intense Redemption OSRS Pure Clan
Fatality OSRS Pure Clan
Omniscient RSPS
Outburst OSRS Pure Clan
Intense Redemption OSRS Pure Clan
Plague OSRS Pure Clan
Knock Out Pures OSRS Pure Clan
The Storm OSRS Main Clan
Against All Odds OSRS Main Clan
MageBets Company
Intense Redemption OSRS Pure Clan
Outburst OSRS Pure Clan
Jezus Personal Signature
Convulsion OSRS Pure Clan
Outburst OSRS Pure Clan
EZPZGold Company
Viral OSRS Main Clan
GrindBusters Company


We hope that the numerous clients who have vouched for our work quality and ethic can satisfy the reputation needed for you to hire us.

GrindBusters Company

Nate (GrindBusters)

Sythe Community

Made @veng and I an awesome banner for our new service. Was happy to make several changes without complaint and in the end provided a product that we're more than happy with! Thanks a lot mate! :)

MageBets Company

Zynce (MageBets)

Sythe Community

Made me a very nice banner, i requestes ALOT of changes and he didn't complain once and instead kept working on it until we were satisfied. Can't Recommend him enough, A+++

SiteSpace Hosting

Project (SiteSpace)

Very kind, mature and professional. You won't face childish attitude or in-professionalism. I've gotten 4 mock-up designs and they're all wonderful. I'm glad I put my money into Komodo Designs instead of elsewhere. Vouch from me.

Sharkbrew OSRS Pure Main Clan Community

Slushpuppy (Sharkbrew)

KB has provided the GFX templates for Sharkbrew' COTM for nearly a year. His clean, innovative and current design made us extremely happy with his work and it has set a very high benchmark of signature quality in the Pure Community!

Eruption Of Pures

Eruption Of Pures

Vouch for KB. Did a ton of GFX work for a very reasonable price in a good time frame too. The outcome of the designs are extremely great as well.

Intense Redemption

Intense Redemption

KomodoByte has always done great work for us. From small projects to large, he tackles each job with the same attention to detail and creativity. The high quality of work and level of responsiveness is why he is our preferred vendor for all things design.



KomodoByte did great affordable work for Supremacy, ranging from banners to MOTM Sigs, to Seasonal signatures. Chill to work with and even was as kind to help some of us out with Photoshop aswell in the process.

Against All Odds

Against All Odds

KomodoByte Has done a ton of work for AAO and never disappoints always my first go to for GFX!



KB did amazing work for us and was super efficient, and cost efficient as well! Easy to work with and amazing gfx as well!

Pricing and Packages

We've deduced these fair prices based on labour, technology and average needs. We hope you find them tolerable. If you are interested in eCommerce, Bespoke or partial work, ignore these prices and contact us.

Graphics Pricing

These are the individual prices for each type of work desired.

  • Advertisement Block $15
  • Animated Banner $20
  • Avatar $8
  • Award Pack $20
  • Ceremonials $20
  • Logos $14
  • PIPs $9
  • Signatures $13
  • Static Banner $10
  • Thread Layout $30
  • UIs $6
  • Versus Pack $15

Graphics Packages

The packages offer multiple graphic work at a cheaper price.

Budget Package: $25

  • 1x Banner OR Logo
  • 1x Divider OR Signature
  • 1x Avatar
  • Animations & 3D Costs

Deluxe Package: $60

  • 1x Banner AND Logo
  • 1x Divider AND Media Tags
  • 1x Signature OR Versus Pack
  • 1x Avatar
  • Animations & 3D FREE

Forum Design

Let us provide you with an aesthetic theme via our affordable Theme/Skin package.


  • IPB, vBulletin, SMF & XenForo
  • Customised Themes/Skins
  • Graphics Included
  • Animations & 3D FREE
  • Plugin/App Designed
  • Headers & Custom Work
  • Responsive & Modern
  • Niche Focused
  • 1 Month Support

Clan Package

Deluxe Package for Graphics combined with our premium Forum Design package.


  • Deluxe Package (Normally $60)
  • Forum Design (Normally $80)
  • Animations & 3D FREE
  • Plugin/App Designed
  • 2 Month Support

IPB Setup

We'll sort out your Invision Forums to the best standards possible.


  • Full Installation
  • Plugins & Apps
  • Groups & Ranks
  • Permissions
  • General Configs
  • Security

Web Design

Launch your website in style with our touch of fine designing. Take the steps and invest in your future.

  • Bespoke Designs
  • eCommerce
  • CMS
  • Marketing & SEO
  • Responsive
  • Compatible
  • Retina Ready

Terms of Service

1. Clients must pay the total cost of service(s) upfront before the working progress.

2. Refunds are only possible if we are physically not able to complete the service. We provide endless support until you're satisfied.

3. Clients may request PSD or AI files, but must be prepared to pay 20% of the service total.

4. Clients must be prepared to verify their identity on an established communities.

5. We will provide deadlines for mock design, minimum and maximum days, during communication. It is your responsibility to ask for deadlines if we do not mention them.